Who are We / 公司简介

Gourmet Street 210 is an established Coffee Shop Franchise in Singapore since Augest 2011. We have been operating multiple coffee shops in different parts of Singapore from the east side till the west side of the city. One of our famous coffee shop, Jalan Besar  is located near the heart of the city,  with  the all famous Sungei Road Trishaw Laksa and other famous authentic dishes / 伙食街 210 成立于 2011年八月, 拥有着数家咖啡店分行,遍布新加坡。其中一家位于靠近市中心的惹兰勿刹地铁站,有着驰名的结霜桥叻沙及其他美味本土风味的佳肴

Gourmet Street 210, Jalan Besar Branch

Most popular coffee shop serving famous Sungei Road Trishaw Laksa & others

Famous Sungei Road Laksa

One and only in Singapore

ah tee ko ko mee

Authentic Teo Chew noodles in Singapore

Join us / 欢迎加入

If you are an entrepreneur whom thinking of venturing into F&B, seeking to set up own stall or finding a job in this trade, we welcome you to join us / 如果你对饮食业有兴趣,并想打造属于自己的事业,或是有意参加我们的团队,我们将热烈欢迎您